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Digital Stone Fabrication

Our skills don’t end in the selection of beautiful slabs because we know the process for creating beautiful kitchen benchtops doesn’t – this is where we introduce the newest technology to template and fabricate the perfect fitting and edged benchtop using cutting edge technology.

It starts with getting the perfect fit.  Our stone masons use laser templator machines to measure each individual space to ensure an accurate fit of your benchtop; no ugly gaps or fills just a faultless fit.

We use these precise measurements to cut your man made stone or stone slab using our CNC machine (located in our factory – you will see it when you walk into our showroom).  The measurements and plans are sent digitally to the CNC machine.

The fully automated CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine will complete all the precision cutting, edging, polishing and finishing processes, better than what even the most talented stone mason can do.  The finished product is stunning engineered and natural stone, cut to perfection, ready for installation in your home.

Our stone mason team

Our experienced and talented stone masons will turn your stone slab into a functional work of art to be displayed and lovingly admired in your home.  Our masters know the intricacies of stone, and how it should be cut and fitted - it is this knowledge and skilled hand work which will give your stone the extra oomph.

Our Services include:

Supply of a large range of all natural stone and marble slabs, engineered stone slabs and porcelain slabs.

Stone fabrication – measure, cut, edge and polishing

Transform the finish of existing stone to honed, brushed and polished

In the kitchen

Kitchen benchtops

Stone kitchen island benchtops

Kitchen splash backs


Outdoor stone BBQ areas and benchtops

Bar tops

In the bathroom

Bathroom stone vanity tops

On the wall or floor

Wall Cladding & floor

Custom Made Stone

Customised stone tabletops and coffee tables