Our Process

The Process:

It’s easy, just follow our four steps to a beautiful new natural stone or engineered kitchen benchtop

1. Design            

Your first decision is to think about if you want your kitchen benchtop to be the key piece in your kitchen or you prefer a more classic neutral stone that will blend with your style. Flip through some interior design magazines and have a look at the benchtops you like.  A pattern will emerge quickly as to your taste and style.

Then decide which stone slab will best suit your needs - whether you prefer natural stone or manmade stone.  Look at the colours and wide range of patterns available. Have a think about its purpose; how will you use it and what kind of function do you need from the stone?  

Now turn to your room plans.  Try to picture where the stone slabs will be installed in the space, seeking to minimise the number of joins and the best place for them.  Other considerations include the type of sink you prefer, the thickness of your benchtop and the type of edging.  

The design can be a big stumbling block for many home decorators. So, don’t stress, call our design team or visit our showroom and we can help direct you to the perfect stone for your home.

2. Choosing a stone slab  

Once you have decided on the type of benchtop, you can choose your slab either from our website or visit our Sydney (Strathfiled South) showroom/factory.

The images you see on our website are direct images from each block.  The main image represents the first slab in the natural stone block.  The images are professionally photographed, and colour calibrated to properly display the true colour of the stone.  Please note there will be small variations in colour due to differences in computer screen quality and the natural movement of colour across the slab.

Our showroom, located in Strathfield, Sydney displays all natural stone slabs on large A frame easels, so you can get a great visual and feel for each slabs colour and patterning.

At this stage you can buy the slab directly from us and ask your kitchen company to complete the installation.

3. Quotation    

Once you have chosen your stone slab, we will use your design plans or sketch, to provide your factory direct quotation (for your stone fabricator or us to cut) so you can SAVE big!

We also provide quotations online - click here [Request Online Quote].  We will get back to you within 24 hours with our best direct price.


4. Measurement + fabrication + installation 

When you have accepted our quotation, our stone masons will arrange an accurate and quick in-home measure using our laser templator machine.

These measurements are used in our CNC machine (located at our showroom) to cut and edge precisely and polish your slab to perfection.

Our stone masons will organise the delivery and installation of your new stone at your earliest convenience.


5. Enjoy many family dinners and fun times around your new stone kitchen benchtop!